"Training is about teaching a dog how to live in our world safely." - Ken Ramirez

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Meet the dog trainer

Katie Stoll KPA- CTP is the founder and owner of Training That Clicks, providing comprehensive dog training in Norco, California and surrounding areas! She is a licensed and insured Professional Dog Trainer, and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner who has devoted her life to dogs and helping owners create a better relationship with their own dog. She believes that passion drives success, and behind every successful Canine, there’s a person who’s passionate about aiding in that success. That’s where Katie comes in! As an avid dog lover from a young age, she has spent her entire life dedicated to studying and understanding more about man (or woman’s!) best friend, and the extraordinary influence that dogs have on our own lives. Her mission is to change the way people look at dog training, and redefine “obedience.”

Katie began her career as a Professional Dog Trainer at a young age. After over 13 years of professional training, she continues to remain up to date on the most recent positive reinforcement training methods and techniques, and also continues her education through attending training seminars and conferences, such as clicker expo, and is a CGC and AKC PUPPY STAR Evaluator, as well as a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT.) To further educate herself in the world of dog sports, she has attended seminars and participated in sports such as agility, dock diving, bird retrieval, nose work, musical heelwork, as well as achieved trick titles with her own dogs.

When she is not helping clients, Katie has also been volunteering with the non-profit organization Freedom Dogs for over seven years. As a trainer who helps raise, and train service dogs for wounded warriors returning with PTSD, Traumatic brain injuries, and mobility issues, Katie has gained the experience and knowledge to help others develop that same trust and exceptional bond with their own pet dog. While she has a special place in her heart for working dogs, Katie also specializes in early puppy socialization, as well as working with reactive and fearful dogs. Recently, she also began volunteering at a local rescue as a home evaluator, as well as teaching classes at Mary S. Robert’s Pet Adoption Center. Katie has also worked with and trained other species of animals such as cats, pigs, and has even clicker trained chickens!